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Our washable fabric is printed on demand, in Canada, using reactive inks - a permanent way of printing on natural fabrics by creating chemical bonds at a cellular level in fibers. The result is a more durable print with a softer hand feel and vibrant colors.

Our printer uses an eco-friendly digital process that results in less water, less electricity, less dye, and less unused fabric. In addition, all of our fabrics are OKEO-TEX certified and our dyes are all BLUESIGN and GOTS approved.


Organic Cotton Hemp

Use for lightweight home decor like pillows, table linens or fabric wallpaper. It's also great for quilting projects and clothing. And how about for a lining fabric? Everyone loves a little pattern pop on the inside!

Organic cotton hemp feels similar in weight and structure to quilting cotton, but has a lovely composition and tighter weave. It’s a perfect twist when you want to get away from basics. The hemp fibers create small slub textures in the fabric so your print surface has enhanced dimension. It’s easy to manipulate and sew. Use it as an alternative to quilting cotton where you want ease of use but also a bit of structure.

Content | 76% organic cotton/24% hemp
Printable width | 54”/137 cm
Base color | Slightly off white
Weight | 150g/m2
Shrinkage | 2-3% in length and 4-5% in width
Print through | Low, roughly 25%


Silk Twill 

Use for pajamas, scarves, and other accessories. Silk can be an option for luxury, lightweight home decor products like pillows, curtains, or fabric wallpaper.

Our silk twill is a luxurious fabric. At 14mm, this fabric is a medium weight silk and the denser weave provides a beautiful, even surface for the ink to be absorbed. Silk twill has a matte finish so there is only a moderate shine to this fabric. The twill weave features the characteristic diagonals and is both delicate and strong. There's a reason why silk twill is the popular choice for Hermes silk scarves! The drape and dimension of silk twill will suit any high end project.

Content | 100% silk in twill weave
Printed width | 52”/ 132 cm
Base color | Eggshell white
Weight | 120 g/m2
Shrinkage | 2-3% in length and 4-5% in width
Print through | Moderate, roughly 50%


Cotton Sateen

Use for home decor including pillow shams, table clothes, duvet covers, sheets, curtains, and upholstered walls - the wide width makes creating soft furnishings a breeze. Or you can pull a Maria a la The Sound of Music and make clothing to match your decor!

Cotton sateen is both a beautiful and highly functional fabric. The underside is matte while the top surface is smooth with a slight sheen that enhances your print results. At a 600 thread count, this fabric is tightly woven and you can feel the quality the moment you touch it. That means each fiber in this fabric is actually 4 fibers twisted together to make one strong and continuous fiber, therefore producing the high thread count and exceptional feel.

Content | 100% cotton
Printable width | 94.5”/240 cm
Base color | Optic White
Weight | 140g/m2
Shrinkage | 2-3% in length and 4-5% in width
Print through | Low, roughly 25%


Cotton Pebble Canvas

Use for home decor including pillows, poufs, light-use upholstery, and table linens.

As our heaviest fabric, pebble canvas has a textured surface but maintains its drapability. This makes it a great fabric for projects where both weight and movement are important! As a 100% cotton fabric, it has great absorbency. Pebble canvas can be used for light-use upholstery projects, but it has not been tested for rub count.

Content | 100% cotton
Printable width | 61”/155cm
Base color | Off White
Weight | 285g/m2
Shrinkage | 2-3% in length and width
Print through | Low, roughly 10%


  • All of our fabrics can be washed in a home washing machine on a normal cycle with cool or warm water using a mild, phosphate-free detergent.
  • However, for the first wash, we recommend washing your fabric separate in cold water with a mild, phosphate-free detergent. We suggest adding 1 cup of vinegar and 2 teaspoons of salt to a full wash (not an eco-cycle with reduced water).
  • Transfer fabrics immediately to the dryer. Do not allow to sit wet in the washing machine. If fabrics do sit, you may see bluish stains where ink heavy surfaces transfer to lighter areas. If this happens, wash again using the same full water settings and detergent.
  • Tumble dry immediately using medium to high heat.
  • Iron on the reverse side, if needed, using a cotton setting. Steam may be used to remove wrinkles. Please note that mineral deposits from your iron may cause unexpected staining or marking - to avoid this, use only use distilled water in your iron.
  • If you prefer, all fabrics can be dry cleaned as well.

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