Our giclee prints are printed in the US on beautiful 308 gsm, museum-grade 100% cotton rag paper using fully archival pigment inks. They should be treasured and cared for in the same way as an original piece of art.

Storage | All prints should be stored flat and, if possible, in the same cardboard they are shipped in. Prints that are shipped rolled should be flattened once received. You can do this by unrolling the print and placing the protective tissue, then kraft paper, on top of the printed surface. With the printed surface protected, store the print flat under weight - stacked books work well. Changes in humidity can cause any paper to curl. To avoid this, make sure you are storing prints in humidity levels ranging  from 50-60%.

Handling | Do not touch the printed surface with your hands/fingers. Avoid scuffing the print surface. Never fold the print. Do not allow the print to get wet. In short, do not let foreign materials come in contact with the printed surface or paper.

Matting | Prior to framing, be sure to have your print matted with archival-quality materials. Matting is important for giclee prints as it prevents the glass or acrylic cover from coming into direct contact with the inks on the surface of the paper.

Framing | Your print should be framed behind glass or acrylic to protect it from dust.

Sunlight | Keep all artwork out of direct sunlight. The UV radiation from the sun will, over time, cause the colors to fade. Glass or acrylic that has a UV protection provides an added benefit.