Our mission.


“We’re on a mission to create opportunities to explore the collision of art, history, and culture. Our role as artists and designers is to guide others to interpret their world, cultivate discussions, and in return, inspire their community. The studio, no matter its form, is a venue to be an active participant rather than a passive recipient of the images and messages that bombard us on a daily basis.” — SWP

Art and design history. Brave use of juxtaposed patterns. Places where cultures collide - where histories and symbols are revered. Unapologetic applications of color.
All stories deserve to be told. Good design truly matters, everyone deserves access to it. In the butterfly effect of giving. In the beauty of commonplace details, mundane moments and devoid places; they often inspire in unexpected ways. Patterns tell stories and evoke memories.
Inspiring intentional creativity. Provoking thought and wonder through thoughtful design. Observing our world with open eyes andan inclusive cultural perspective. Donating 5% of sales to local and international nonprofits. Creating patterns that help you tell your unique story.

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